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American Idiot

Green Day

Intro: Ab,Db,Gb,Db,Ab... [x5]

 Gb                             Ab,Db,Gb,Db,Ab Gb
 Donīt want a be an american idiot
 Gb                                    Ab,Db,Gb,Db,Ab Gb
 donīt want a nation under the new mania
 Gb                                     Ab,Db,Gb,Db,Ab Gb
 and can you hear the sound of histeria 
 Gb                             Ab,Db,Gb,Db,Ab Gb
 the subliminal mind fuck america

 Welcome to a new kind of tension
 all across the alien nation 
Eb                        Ab
 everything isnt mean to okay
 Television dreams of tomorrow 
 were no the ones who me to follow
 for that enought argue

se repite en la 2da parte se repite lo mismo

Ab     Db     Gb   Db     Ab   Gb
Donīt want a be an american idiot
Ab     Db     Gb       Ab      Gb
one nation controlled by the media
Ab    Db    Gb  Db Ab   Gb
information age of hysteria

calling out idiot american

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